When a Woman Has a Baby

When a woman has a baby there are a few things that visitors to be explicit friends and family need to understand. After birth a woman is in need of support and understanding practically applied. If you want to be of help to a Mother with a new baby here are some tips that will keep you on the right track and create good memories that Mum will cherish.

1. Do Not Turn Up Unannounced

A Mum with a new born baby will be tired, emotional and in most cases sleep deprived and in need of rest as she adapts to the new arrival of her little bundle of joy and to recover from giving birth. What she does not need is unannounced visitors that come and expect to be catered for. This places stress on Mum and is plain inconsiderate. Ensure you check if it’s OK first and when you visit be prepared to roll up your sleeves and help!

2. When You visit
Ask before touching the baby and it’s a no, no to pick up a sleeping baby, trust me the baby needs to sleep oh and of course always wash your hands before touching the baby.
Most importantly it is considerate and plain loving to offer to help and not complain about the state of the home if it’s not as tidy as it could be, better still offer to help tidy up!
If Mum has other young children engage them in a quiet activity or take them out for a short trip to the park.
Do not overstay your welcome, this puts strain on Mum who may want some time to bond with baby and have some well-needed rest.

3. Think About What You Say

Commenting about weight gain, the size of Mum’s stomach after birth etc. is not as helpful as some might think as it takes time for a post-pregnancy body to return to its pre-pregnancy size and Mum can do without feeling conscious about her body she has enough to think about.


4. Do Not Expect to Be Waited On
Instead of waiting for Mum to jump up and offer tea and biscuits, offer to make her a cup of tea and why not bring some biscuits, fruit or that cooked meal with you opposed to expecting to be waited on. The relief and comfort you will bring to Mum is more than you can imagine even if at first she refuses. What you want to avoid is leaving Mum with a stressed out baby from being passed from person to person, a sink full dishes and an empty bread bin!


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