Toothpaste – Is it killing us softly?

Are we killing ourselves trying to have clean teeth?

Did you know that the majority of toothpaste brands that we buy contain a poisonous life threatening chemical?

Sodium Fluoride is a poison that is used in the production of sarin gas. For those of you that aren’t aware “Sarin” is a human-made chemical warfare agent classified as a nerve agent. Nerve agents are the most toxic and rapidly acting of the known chemical warfare agents.

Sodium Fluoride is an inorganic chemical compound (formula “NaF”); a colorless solid. Most well known brands of toothpaste contain Sodium Fluoride with a popularized claim to “reduce cavities.” As you can imagine Sodium Fluoride is harmful as the  small molecules it contains can penetrate through the tissue of your mouth, enter the blood stream, and build up in the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and tissues.

If we think about this rationally why on earth would you brush your teeth with poison? I know I know……. we often  fool ourselves by saying that it’s OK if the dosage is small and  therefore is considered  safe for us to use frequently on a daily basis, I personally don’t think so.

Sodium Fluoride has a partner in crime “Fluoride” which is a waste by-­product of the fertilizer and aluminum industry, and it’s also a “Part II Poison” under the UK Poisons Act 1972; Did you know that Fluoride is one of the basic ingredients inProzac” (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride)? Remember “Prozac” the widely prescribed antidepressant belonging to the selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI) class of drugs??  Prozac is mainly used for the treatment of major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder! More information can be found about  in the  “Facts About Fluoride”  article by Paul Joseph Watson and Matt Ryan titled “Poison Tap Water” on

A high percentage of water  in the USA and 11% of the water in the UK contains fluoride, which in conjunction with the sodium fluoride in our toothpaste over time allows fluoride to accumulate in the body, where it may damage the brain, lower IQ, have neurotoxic effects, and damage bone, among many other health effects.

In an article by Maria Hoven titled “Foods Containing Fluoride,” posted on the website dated July 25, 2013, she identifies foods containing this poison fluoride:  “Fluoride toxicity can have adverse effects on your kidneys and it can also cause skeletal fluorosis in adults. Children who consume high amounts of fluoride can suffer from dental fluorosis, which develops when you consume too much fluoride from birth to age 8 when your teeth are forming… .”  And she states some of the following foods that contain sodium fluoride, for example, instant formula—that we give our babies; juices and tea, soda, cereals; wine and beer.

There are many debates on whether fluoride in water and sodium fluoride in toothpaste actually provide any protection against cavities. see some data here

We might not be able to easily control having fluoride in our water but we have a choice on whether we use toothpaste and products containing Sodium Fluoride. My grandmother bless her soul always said that “prevention is better than cure” (in my Jamaican accent!!) The good news is that  there are many natural ingredients that carry great benefits in keeping our  mouth and teeth in tiptop condition.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil  has large anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits, researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) in Ireland have found that coconut oil effectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause cavities and mouth infections, without causing any harmful side-effects, see here for further insight

Baking Soda

Baking soda is excellent  has been used as a tooth cleanser for over 150 years.  Somehow it got the reputation as being abrasive, therefore detrimental to the enamel.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. Toothpastes are rated on a scale from 0 – 200 according to their abrasiveness.  This is called the RDA value or “Relative Dentin Abrasiveness”.  Pure baking soda has an RDA of 7. Is your toothpaste eating your teeth?? Click here to see how abrasive the  toothpaste you use is

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide a proven weapon in the fight against bacteria, it’s also been shown to fight gingivitis, or inflamed and bleeding gums. One study published by the National Institutes of Health found that when used as a mouth rinse, H2O2 prevents bacteria buildup and plaque, both contributors to gingivitis. Hydrogen peroxide at 3% concentration is recommended for oral health  and can be found at a local drug store or chemist.

Checkout my Homemade Toothpaste Recipe


4 Tablespoons pure Coconut Oil
8 Tablespoons Baking soda
4- 12 Drops therapeutic grade organic preferably essential oil of your choice. (I use a mixture of clove, cinnamon and grapefruit oil)
(Optional) 1 Tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide (3% for oral use)

Mix all the ingredients together and store in a glass container with a lid, this mixture may look runny at first but will have a clumped appearance as the coconut oil hardens in temperatures under 250 C (76o Fahrenheit).
Essential oils such as lemon, clove, lime, cinnamon, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary or licorice are safe to be used internally, but always check the label. Essential oils are anti-fungal, anti-viral , antimicrobial and antibiotic.

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