How Thought Mastery Can Increase Your Abundance

Do you know how powerful a thought is? Thought travels at the rate of 24 billion miles per second faster than the speed of light! So it’s more than necessary to make sure we are thinking the right thoughts and paying close attention to the thoughts we entertain.

The law of attraction, the ability to attract into our lives the things we want for ourselves demands that we master our thoughts. The universe contains everything we need or could ever want, there is abundance for all, our thoughts backed by positive action is key in connecting with the person who put all universal laws in motion….. God!

Whether you are religious, spiritual or not, you have to bear witness once you embark on the journey of mastering your thoughts that in doing so you are connecting with a power much greater than yourself.

Have you ever had a problem that you just kept thinking about and how to solve it? Not in a panicked way but a self-assured way, deep down you knew and trusted that you would find a solution?

You didn’t know where the solution would come from or when, but you knew if you thought positively on it and did all you could do to see how you could solve it, you would find a way. In this state of thinking and willingness to take action you open yourself up to receive the answer, from who? From God, the God who created you and His essence that lives within you!

Your level of awareness increases when you decide to take the challenge of mastering your thoughts, you become more aware of your patterns of behaviour and triggers, things that lift you and make you feel good and the opposite, negative behaviours and self-sabotaging thoughts.

Learning to master your thoughts opens up other realities, you see things differently. It’s like buying an orange car let’s say and thinking that it’s an unpopular colour and then once you buy it and drive it around a little you notice there’s quite a number of orange cars out there! There is an abundance of opportunities awaiting you, change your thinking and you will be better able to see and create opportunities in every area of your life.

So How Do You Start The Journey of Thought Mastering?

Observe your current thinking and how it makes you feel? How do you react when you are disappointed? What things do you say to yourself?
If something went wrong let’s say last week you had an accident jogging around the corner, do you think that when you jog around that same corner you will encounter another accident?

Where you find yourself thinking irrationally or negatively, write down the alternative thought. For instance with the jogging incident it was just that, an incident that happened on that day, it doesn’t mean it will happen again today. Today you will have an excellent jogging session and feel on top of the world ready to start your day upbeat and energetic!

Replace each negative thought with a positive one this week and share with us the changes you experienced.

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