Teach Your Child To Read

Teaching your child to read is a very important and enjoyable step and opens up a whole new world whilst developing this vital life skill.

I have always enjoyed reading to my children and have done so from as early as when they were in the womb.
It always brings a big smile to my face in seeing either one of my son’s bring me a book to read or open one up and start reading, I’m also witnessing peer-tor-peer education as they read to and with each other.

There are many different methods of teaching children to read and as a parent or carer you may find yourself wondering which is best, sight reading or the phonic approach? I think that the use of both is good. I know many of you struggle with this as it can be confusing knowing the way forward.

In acknowledging my son’s love of reading I wanted a system that would advance my children’s reading skills. At age 2 my eldest son was reading within a few days of me starting to teach him, it was as if it was innately in him waiting to be drawn out, and it was! Watch him reading aged 2

In taking my sons reading to the next level and his younger brother alongside him I found this great system of teaching your children to read that actually does what it says it will, they have lots of success stories and I’m so excited about it I thought I’d show you.

If you’re interested have a look, I think you’re going to like it and will find it useful.

Click Here!

Do you have a success story to share about teaching children to read? Please share you never know who it might help.


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