Simple Everyday Makeup

A simple everyday makeup routine is something that I know so many of us women crave, why? Because for such a while now we have been bombarded with videos and images of the sculpted faces described as “beat” “slay” on “fleek” etc, etc. Fake eyelashes have become standard along with contouring and I know just like you do that women who are busy, like busy all the time do not have time for all that!!!

We do not have to have a full-face of makeup to make us feel that we are enough but we like to make an effort and apply some colour or have a sun kissed glow because we like to, trust me I can speak for myself if not for you that I know that I am enough! I like to express myself through makeup among other things!

Don’t get me wrong I like to contour and all that stuff especially in instances where I have a special engagement or am on a photo shoot, I’ll probably do some more video’s including some of that but on an everyday basis I do not have the time for all those extras. If you’re like me and you live a busy lifestyle and just don’t have time for all that extra application….. journey with me as we take this makeup thing back to basics! Press play to watch the video below.


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