Santa (Satan) The Big Lie

In leading up to the Christmas season I was faced with a few instances where I just had to make it plain. Jesus would not be happy with me lying to my children about Santa Claus.

It seems as if this character who lives in the North Pole and who is by popular belief able to deliver millions of presents to children all over the planet earth by flying through the air powered by reindeer, and climbing down chimneys, even houses and apartments that have none has gained more popularity than Jesus himself whose birth and sacrifice we are supposed to be celebrating!

Well this sounds like some unbelievable science defying untruth, let’s just call it what it is….a LIE, that millions of parents justify as being OK, just a bit of fun in the name of tradition.

If you turn on the news you find it filled with stories that show how people lie, deceive and murder, are we as parents priming our children to lie, deceive and murder as we are their primary figure of truth next to God and we are lying to them taking on traditions that we do not understand the origins of.

What Does Lying Do?

What does it do to our minds when we are told lies? It creates a false reality. It can be disturbing to children to find out that their parents are upholding a lie in the name of some festive fun, it can lead to trust issues as children grow and learn of the other lies such as the tooth fairy? Does telling these lies make children think that some lies are OK?

Why would you want to attribute the gifts you have bought with your hard earned money to some character? A stranger who is fictitious and does not really exist? What foundation are you building in the mind of your children if you are lacing it with lies that defy reality?

What has sitting on the lap of a man who is a stranger in a red suit have to do with the celebration of Jesus? Do you know the history of Santa and what this character really stands for? Watch this I found it very interesting either way you will too!

As parents we have to be responsible and lying about Santa and anything else is in my opinion irresponsible, make a change for next Christmas, no Santa just the truth and celebration of Jesus and teach your children his ways and give thanks for his life whilst spending quality time with family and friends. I was inspired by Minister Farrakhan’s encouragement to do away with Santa read more here.


Just think about it? I say UP WITH JESUS DOWN WITH SANTA. There is a movement that goes deeper into a campaign to fight the injustices that are taking place in America affecting black and poor people disaffected people, check it out. please share!


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