Salad Mason Jar 101 – How to add more salad into your diet

I had seen the Mason jar salad thing a little while ago and it didn’t really attract me until now. I am really looking into how I can put together different meal ideas using fruit and vegetables to spice things up a little.

Salad in some circles has been largely labelled as being boring or is labelled “rabbit food” merely seen as an addition to a meal rather than a meal itself unless you are dieting.

However, I beg to differ as now I’m looking deeper into the array of fresh foods that can be used to make unusual and great tasting salads and it’s during this journey that I’ve become very interested in the “Mason Jar Salad”. It has opened up a new world for me as I can put almost anything I like in my salad, prep it in advance and have it preserved for a few days as no one likes brown salad leaves or soggy croutons!

Mason Jar Salad

Whether you want to include eggs, fish, chicken or noodles the world is yours when it comes to how creative you want to be with this.
I wanted to inspire and help those of you who like me need to spice up the things they eat on a weekly basis with my first attempt at preparing a Mason Jar Salad.
You will need:

A clean large 1 litre Mason Jar
2 tablespoons of your favourite dressing
1 carrot diced
1 ¼ of a sweet red pepper
1 stem of celery chopped
1 ¼ of a cucumber diced
¼ cup of sprouts
Small handful of pasta
1 hard boiled egg
1 ½ cups of rocket or your favourite lettuce leaf
1 handful of Pumpkin, sunflower seed mix
3 Cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 handful of parsley
¼ cup of pasta boiled and cooled

How to layer the Mason Jar

Add the dressing to the jar first
Add the crunchy vegetables of carrot, sweet red pepper, celery and cucumber

Salad Mason Jar

Add pasta
Add seeds
Add boiled egg
Add cherry tomatoes
Add croutons
Add sprouts
Add parsley

Add rocket leaves

Salad Mason Jar

Put the lid on the Mason Jar ensuring it is sealed well.

Shake it up

Open the Mason jar and spoon onto a plate


Grab knife and fork and simply enjoy!

Have you tried my Mason Jar recipe? Let me know how you enjoyed it!

Do you have a Mason jar salad recipe to share? Put your recipes in the comments!


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