Potty Training….Help!

I couldn’t believe that with all the advice given to an expectant mother about parenting, parents omitted one of the most challenging aspects of parenting I’ve come across thus far……yes you guessed it “potty training.”

It took me long time to accomplish this task with my first son and it was traumatising!! Having to clean poo off the floor was just too steep a gradient for me, as I write this blog I’m having flash backs and my heart is starting to pound as I recall several incidents where I had to keep calm, clean up my son and then put on my gloves and get out the Zaflora detergent ….. oh my it was just too much!!

I literally questioned sisters who I knew with children “why, just tell me why you never told me about this part???” Most fell about laughing when I told them of my experiences and they assured me that things would get better. On the flip-side I did enjoy encouraging my son and celebrating when he made it to the potty in time or came to show me that he had successfully used the potty, those moments were golden watching him get so excited at his accomplishment as he learnt this new and vital life skill.

I’m now faced again with this task of potty training with my second son and I’ve made the decision that I need guidance in this area, I need to get this done much quicker than I did the first time and enjoy the entire experience with my son as we accomplish the goal together. My eldest son I know will join in on all the fun as he loves to teach and encourage his little brother so I’m excited for them both.

As a solution oriented person and a blogger I’m on the internet a lot and am always looking for “How to” tips and information. Well I found this great system of potty training that actually does what it says whereby you can potty train your child in 3 days, they have lots of success stories and I’m so excited about it I thought I’d show you.

If you’re interested have a look, I think you’re going to like it and will find it useful.

Click here to access

Do you have a potty training story to tell?
What advice would you give to a parent on potty training? Please share you never know who it might help.


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