Natural Skincare Routine

Having good skin is something both men and women want to achieve as first impressions count and we want to be pleased with what we see when we look into the mirror.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it gives us indicators of our overall health. If your skin is dry it could be telling you that you need to drink more water and moisturise more. Other factors such as cold weather which can be drying to the skin, the additional environmental factor of having the central heating on in our homes more often in cold seasons can contribute to changes in the condition of our skin.

natural skincare routine.
Whether your skin is classed as normal, dry, oily or combination and all else in between, a skincare routine is essential, this along with living a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, thinking positively and taking some form of regular exercise will see you on your way to healthy glowing skin.

Since my teenage years, I invested in a skincare routine often using popular brands such as L’Oréal, Garnier and simple but they never worked for any length of time and left me in a cycle of going from one brand to another which was frustrating. Over the years, I’ve transitioned over to the natural skincare products which was the best thing I could have ever done.

I’ve become a fan of two natural skincare brands that are black owned companies and their products are of high quality, I’m speaking of none other than Shea Moisture and Pure Goodness skincare products! Let me reveal to you my skincare routine……the secret to flawless skin. Follow the steps I’ve listed below and let us know how you get on by leaving us some feedback in the comments section.

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Step one
Wet your face with water and using Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap
here . Lather up a facial brush which I highly recommend you invest in as it really helps to clean the skin and get the blood flow going in your face.

Natural Skincare Routine

Wash soap off with cool water and dry with a clean face cloth, you can pick up two face cloths for as little as £1 from Sainsbury’s basic range towel section, you may want to invest in some as you will need a few that you can wash and reuse.


Step two
Apply Pure Goodness Facial Cleansing Milk to face and massage gently, then wet a face cloth with Hot or warm water and remove, if you need to repeat rinse the face cloth and wipe off any excess. I love, love, love this cleanser full of natural ingredients, and it leaves your face feeling like you’ve just had a facial. Some of the ingredients this product contains are Camomile flowers, Sweet almond oil and Vegetable glycerine. You can purchase all Pure Goodness products listed from their Website here

pure goodness

Step three
Apply Pure Goodness Aloe Facial Toner, this is so refreshing another favourite of mine out of the Pure Goodness range. Use about a fingertip and massage into your face, it contains Aloe Vera and Tea tree leaf.

Step four
Apply Pure Goodness Skin Fix Facial Moisturiser just a little bit as it goes a long way, this moisturiser is non-greasy and contains lavender and vitamin E. I used this when I developed dry patches on parts of my face and it did a great job in rectifying this and continues to do a great job in keeping my skin moisturised not oily, it also makes a great base for applying makeup.

pure goodness


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