Natural Makeup: Lipstick & Gloss

Wearing makeup is something that women have done for centuries. No matter what some women say, women largely like to enhance and accentuate what God has blessed them with. Confident women imperfections and-all know that with or without makeup they are beautiful, but some choose to add a little sparkle here and there when they feel like it.

Wearing makeup is problematic when a woman feels she cannot leave the house without it or doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin so adopts makeup as a mask to view the world through.


Recently through the circulation of some YouTube video’s I’ve seen that some women are manipulating their features so drastically with makeup that they look like someone else all together, heavy contouring and thick layers of foundation in my opinion gives the look of a life sized airbrushed doll.

But whether it is a straighter nose, larger lips or the illusion of flawless skin you can find a YouTube tutorial on how to achieve the look you’re looking for.

As a dark skinned sister I was always advised by makeup artists that a dark berry colour was the perfect match and I resented this and felt very limited when it came to makeup colours.

Overtime I experimented with bold red lipstick and gold hues with a dark liner back in the 90’s but have moved on to a place I’m comfortable with, with more natural colours especially on my lips as I still like bold eye shadow I can’t help myself!

I like to wear makeup although not on a daily basis but when I do, I aim to wear it in a way that is complimentary and looks natural most of the time! I’ve been blessed by God with good skin and do my best to take care of it. I have a facial regime and healthy diet as these two things are essential for great skin.

I have experience of working in the cosmetic and fragrance industry but am not an expert however, I would say that it is advisable to get to the root of the problem if you have bad skin rather than covering it up, drink lots of water, increase your intake of fruit and vegetables and exercise a minimum of a few times a week and if your skin condition persists visit a dermatologist to investigate further.

Black skin has many hues mostly red and yellow, over the years I’ve been able to see that this in itself opens up a whole world of colour to be

I like oranges, pinks, nudes and browns, earthy tones that suit my dark complexion and it’s with this discovery I bring to you my first beauty tutorial on lipstick and lip-gloss that really work well on black skin.

Watch the video makeup tutorial below to get a natural look for that special occasion or everyday look it’s up to you. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to get an instant notification each time a new video is published!

What’s your favourite lipstick and/or gloss colour? Let’s talk, leave a


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