You Are Mumtastic Woman!

Well it’s been a while and I’ve been busy enjoying family life with our new addition….. a baby girl! Yes after two boys along came the girl!!

In the journey of Motherhood if there’s one thing I’ve learnt its to accept help and ask for it whenever the need arises. Becoming a Mum is one of the biggest life changing experiences you could ever have, after all it’s the most important job on the planet!! If you thrive everybody else you have a responsibility towards thrives as you’ll have more to give to all those who rely on you.

You are the one that everybody looks to whether they’ll admit it or not, your partner or spouse needs you, the children need you, your parents need you, the wider community needs your feminine energy, female perspective, knowledge and it’s vital for a Woman’s capacity to increase to fulfil these multiple roles without her experiencing burnout. You cannot pour from an empty cup even though others need you. With this being said its imperative you remember to make those ambitions of yours come true, you know, getting that college certification or degree, building your empire, learning new skills and hobbies, travelling, homeschooling your children, becoming a coach, a teacher, a lawyer, nutritionist, social media influencer…..I know you get it.

I founded in 2014 and for a while now I’ve been thinking about how I can offer you more value and really build a community that will be supportive and empower women on their journey of motherhood and self-development. Through my own experiences of being a mother of three children under the age of 6 and beginning the journey of becoming a budding Mompreneur whilst balancing family life…. the penny dropped!!! So I created Mumtastic Women, the online support and empowerment Facebook community for Mums on the journey of self-development and entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to support and empower Mums to go forward in meeting their personal and/or business goals whilst serving their children, family and friends.

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Mumtastic Women offers an online community of women to develop and grow with you as you head towards your life and business goals. Here you will find a group of cheerleaders to celebrate your wins, share actionable tips and resources plus appearances from influential sisters on social media to empower you towards your goals. Join here today


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