Just Start It’s Really That Simple!

You would make more progress if you would just start! When thinking about what you want out of this life there is nothing wrong with thinking BIG!! There are different personality types that most of us have come across. The procrastinator who has issues with starting, the perfectionist who claims they will start just after they have perfected every last detail. There’s also this interesting one “mañana, mañana” translated from Spanish meaning “tomorrow”, yeah i’ll do it tomorrow type of character!

There’s Nothing Wrong With Dreaming BIG!

Admitting first to yourself that your dreams are really BIG, nowhere near mediocre, something that most would say is not achievable is the liberating starting point. Then what? The how, who, what, where, when questions start to flood your brain! For some this is exciting for others frankly overwhelming with the “Oh my God what have I got myself into!” thought spinning around their head.”

You and I have only one life to live so stop living in the shadows and dimming your light to please other people and START living, shining pursuing the things you love to do. Now is the time to rearrange the things in your life to meet that BIG goal that keeps haunting you, the dream you keep pushing to the back of your mind because it’s too BIG, it will take too much time, you don’t know enough, your not good enough! Resist the devil and he will flee!! We can do all things so turn off that inner voice of insecurity as “We are all God’s children of the most high God.” Listen to that God voice inside and start the first day living as the REAL YOU!

Lay a Foundation For Your Children

As parents we are being watched by our children, we inspire them when we are productive and bring our visions successfully into reality. In doing this we lay a foundation or a norm of being in perpetual motion that leads to a tangible outcome.

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Just START. Think on your dream morning, noon and night and that energy alone will draw from the universe what you need to…… yes you guessed it, get started! You can work out the different elements as you go along, start with an outline as simple as you want to make it and….START.

“You will never know the ending if you don’t START!”~ Ishea Muhammad

Share with us that BIG dream that you know you need to start on, come on….. just START!

Until next time, stay connected to the root!

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