Handling Chaotic Moments

Life can get extremely busy and when rearing multiple children under the age of 5, the demands are endless. When things get chaotic, the baby’s crying, the 2 year old is throwing a tantrum, the four year old is shouting for your attention on top of it all……one way to manage this is to just stop and be in the moment, breathe and listen to the sound of the chaos for a few seconds and then face it. Make a decision on what you will tackle first and tackle it.
Once you do this you will feel empowered to tackle the other tasks and various demands that await you!

As a mother of three children under the age of five, a day seldom goes by without me finding myself in a moment of chaos and this strategy has worked wonders, it helps me to understand that what is happening is in the moment and will soon pass once I TAKE ACTION. The thing to think about is what is the desired outcome? The baby to stop crying, the 2 year old to get over his tantrum and pick himself off of the floor?

handling chaotic moments

Handling a Chaotic Moment

Step back, look, see it for what it is, assess who or what should take priority, take a deep breath take appropriate action and handle the situation keeping in mind the desired outcome. Sounds easy doesn’t it! It is with practice, and it takes practice, it works every time when practiced and prevents you from getting overwhelmed. This strategy can be used in any chaotic situation. With young children its proven particularly handy when out and about in public, you know like that moment when you feel like having a meltdown from the feeling rightly or wrongly of shame and embarrassment because the children playing up, when others look at you as if to say “Can’t you get them to shut up?” Ignore what other people may be thinking, once you’ve taken action it’s over and often not as bad as it seemed. Remember stay calm, be in the moment, take control and handle the situation.

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