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Our health often suffers from us having a busy schedule and as a result the need for us to do some type of regular exercise can go out the window.

In falling victim to this we have to be creative in how we can get that workout in and keep fit.

In recently having my second child and initiating my mission to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and get fit I’ve taken it to the street…. well OK the park to walk off the excess pounds. I have seen great improvement in my energy levels and weight loss and have met other Mum’s and made a friend or two!

Whatever your circumstances so long as you are mobile, young or old you can walk your way to fitness and reap all the benefits that it brings whilst aiding your time management as you make walking a multi-tasking activity. You are in control as you choose to walk slowly or at a faster pace depending on your level of fitness, ease your way in and take it from there.

If like me you are a busy mum with young children you can have great fun with your little ones helping them to build stamina and get a daily workout whilst getting in some rare me time for yourself as they run around.

Being outdoors in beautiful surrounding takes your attention off the stresses of life and opens you up to be creative as you remember that the gift of life is awesome and you can bring into reality anything you visualize if you just believe in yourself, with God’s backing everything is possible.

On the social side of things a walk in the park can open up some great networking opportunities as you meet other parents and exchange all the parental knowledge and share what you have in common. Your children will grow their circle of little friends to hook up with every now and then too so it’s a win-win situation!

If you have a dog you can take him or her along whilst you walk with the children, I’ve witnessed a mum running with her baby in the pram whilst the dog ran alongside them, how’s that for multi-tasking!

The first step is to think of how you can increase your opportunity to walk as a regular form of exercise such as getting off a few stops before your destination when taking the bus to get that power walk in. You can leave the car at home for short trips especially whilst the weather is warm.

The benefits of walking are numerous;


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