Coconut Oil Nappy Rash Remedy

Coconut oil has numerous uses from dental hygiene, skincare, haircare and cooking. The one I want to tell you about is coconut oils ability to protect your baby’s bum from nappy rash.

I used coconut oil on two boys at every nappy change and there was no nappy rash! It was not a concern and it doesn’t have to be for you and your little one either! Forget thick creams and GP prescriptions for those out of control nappy rashes and follow these simple steps on the journey to a rash free bum for your baby.

Follow these simple steps

After cleaning your baby’s bum ensure the bottom is dry before applying a fingertip amount of coconut oil on babies bum, secure the nappy on your baby’s bottom and that’s it. Ensure you do this with each nappy change.


Change your babies bum regularly and use a good quality organic coconut oil like Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml especially on infants you can progress to a cheaper brand i.e KTC Pure 100% Coconut Multipurpose Oil as baby gets older and their skin less sensitive.

For more information on the benefits of coconut oil and its uses click here.

Do you have any natural anti-rash remedies? Share them in the comments section.


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