Is Your Child Spoiled?

Many people on quick observation like to critique parents by asserting that their children are spoiled.

Challenging behaviour or a mountain of expensive toys or clothing articles are often the indicators used to lead to the condemnation of parents spoiling their children.

But that aside what is spoiling a child? How do parents do this?

Children naturally during the course of their development overtly show signs of when they are ready to do things by themselves, the pushing away of your hand when you’re feeding your baby that wants to feed themselves to the toddler that wants to brush their teeth all by themselves!
These milestones of achievement can be missed or ignored by the busy sometimes overbearing parent who just wants to get things done quickly or by the relentless mollycoddling parent who wants to do every last thing for their child.

The purpose of parenting is to raise strong, conscious and confident individuals fit to make great contribution to the world be live in thus creating a better world wherein we can all live together in peace.

When children show evident signs that they are ready to take on doing things for themselves and want to help and contribute to the activities of the family let them (so long as it’s safe of course, letting them turn on the gas fire at age 2 is a no no! LOL!!)

Children want to contribute and give back as we as parents do so much for them. Children want to feel part of what’s going on so involve them, let them show you what a good little helper they can be!

My husband and I let our children help all the time, we’ve found that it works well in instances when they’re restless or need a change of routine. Allowing children to help builds the loving bond between parent and child. Acknowledge the good children do always reinforcing that they are loved, needed and appreciated and watch the love between you grow.

Letting children help teaches responsibility from a young age and this is important in instilling the right attitude that every successful being must attain. I found this article that is really interesting about the Amish people who employ some good practices to instill responsibility in their children.

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So tell me what types of things do you do to build a sense of responsibility in your children?

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