BLACK TO MY ROOTS – It Starts With The Woman

In a fast changing world we search for answers, new ideas, new ways of thinking that translate into good practices.
The journey of life calls for self development needed to excel to the next level towards freedom which is to visualise something in your mind and make the necessary moves to make it a reality that you can see, touch and feel.

Women play a large part in the reformation and transformation of a world that is in upheaval, confusion due to the works of the governing powers ruling over the people and the resources of this world. The effects can be seen on a micro level in our communities with high levels of violent crime, high unemployment, mental health complications, family breakdown and general deprivation.

Many people are dissatisfied and want real change and this can be accomplished by us looking into ourselves as individuals and developing our gifts and talents to use for the betterment of our families, community and nation.

Women possess the hand that rocks the cradle so she must now rise up and be made new to help build a new world reality of peace, creativity and productivity.
“Each one teach one” is a valid idea that has brought about BLACK TO MY ROOTS an uplifting space and resource with blogs and videos on parenting, relationship advice, beauty and more…… Founded by Ishea Muhammad a dedicated wife and mother of three, with a background in youth support, organising community events and programs, BLACK TO MY ROOTS is an evolving and powerful resource dedicated to the self-development and healing process of the black family starting with the woman.

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